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Talking Respect Podcast

Each guest talk of how they transformed their struggle into success and used the pandemic in 2020 as a time to thrive and learn in the face of adversity. Invaluable messages, insights and success habits included in each episode. Get ready to upgrade your mindset!


It all begins with one vision...

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Episode 30: Setting Your Boundaries with Lawyer, Mindset and Wellbeing Coach,  Caitlin McFee

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Episode 29: New Path into Law with the SQE, Ben Davis

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Episode 28: How to Get that Winner Mindset with Paralymic Champion, Mohamed Lahna

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Episode 27: The Future of Investing Positively with TMV Partner, Marina Hajipertas

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Episode 26: How to get your job application into the recruiters hand by Leading Recruiter Robert Hanna

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Episode 25: The Silent Voice of Women in MENA with Founder and Director of Womenpreneur Initiative Sana Afouaiz

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Episode 24: How to upgrade your healthset, Benefits of Weightlifting and quality Sleep with Dr Nick Nwabueze

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Episode 23: Why you need a Mentor and Becoming Your Own Boss with Law Partner and Mentor, Michelle Fonseca-Kamana

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Episode 22: Talking Bilingualism, Middle Eastern Plant based foods & Fasting Benefits with Speech Pathologist, Vanessa Abou Sleiman


Episode 20: Lifting the Mic on Mental Health and Living in Harmony with Former Weightlifter Athlete, Mental Health Advocate, Writer and Inspirational Speaker, Amna Al Haddad

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Episode 19: Leading Woman in Family Business, Talking Progress Not Perfection with Lawyer & Advisor, Lisa Morel


Episode 17: Staying healthy during the Pandemic and Believing in Yourself with Dr Rand Diab 


Episode 16: Living on the Edge, Growing out of Your Comfort Zone & talking LinkedIn with Barrister, Travel Writer & Adventurer, Faraz Shibli


Episode 15: Why Discipline is the Key to Success and Living your Passion with Caftan Designer, Selma Benomar


Episode 14: Bringing my City Fez back to life with Award Winning Architect & Ted Speaker Aziza Chaouni

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Episode 13: Entrepreneur Pioneering the Digital World with Founder of Dabadoc, Zineb Idrissi Kaitouni


Episode 12: How Hard Work Beats Talent & Warrior Mindset with Actor & Body Builder Champion, Hamza Makhlouf


Episode 11: Writing your First Book and Dealing with Writers Block with Law graduate & Author, Colby Sharm‪a‬


Episode 10: Healing Post Covid-19 and Finding Peace through Yoga with Susan Maria Slaoui 

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Episode 9: How to be a Female Game changer with Author and Fashion Icon Marriam Mossalli


Episode 8: Feeling Complete with Mostly Human, Part Bionic Woman, Rania Hammad


Episode 7: Mental Health, Parenting and Coping with Grief in Times of Crisis with Clinical Psychologist Layal Azizi

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Episode 6: How to Speak and be Heard with Public Speaking Coach & Founder of MENA Speakers, Saana Azzam


Episode 5: Women in Leadership and How to Succeed in Difficult Times with Senior Executive, Fatiha Thiam


Episode 4: Overcoming your Fears and how to reach your Highest Heights with Mount Everest Climber, Nacer Ben Abdeljalil


Episode 3: How to Master your Confidence and Silence your Inner Critic with Wellbeing Coach Fadela Hilali


Episode 2: Leaving Corporate to be an Entrepreneur with Mother of fussy eaters, Founder of Citron Dubai Sara Chemmaa


Episode 1: A Conversation on Modern Moroccan Food with Chef & Author Nargisse Benkabbou