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Talking Respect Podcast

By Hanae Bennani


Talking Respect


Talking Respect is a podcast by Hanae Bennani bringing you the most inspiring and life changing stories from courageous medical practitioners and dedicated entrepreneurs to leading professionals, artists and social media experts.

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"Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell and got back up again." Nelson Mandela


"We are stronger when we listen, and smarter when we share"

Queen Rania of Jordan



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Talking Respect is a personal development podcast bringing you inspiring and life changing stories from leading professionals, entrepreneurs and experts from around the globe.

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Fantastic podcast, each episode is worth listening

This is a really great podcast. I found myself immersed by its content, of which each episode I thoroughly enjoyed. It made myself and my partner really reflect on our current lives and see how we can boost our own self development at a tricky time during lockdown. Well done to Hanae and the experts for their great content. I look forward to listening to future releases but wish to say it has opened my eyes to a few things. If anyone doesn’t know if it’s for them.. listen to episode 4 “how to reach your highest heights”... you will not be disappointed.

Ryan Fernandes, 08/04/2021


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Hi! I'm Hanae.

Born in London with my heart in Morocco, I'm a Lawyer, Professional development Mentor and most importantly a serial optimist!

In 2020, the pandemic hit us and we had all been impacted by it whether it be financially, physically or emotionally. It was tough for most of us trying to go about our daily lives concealing our fears of what the future holds behind a face mask. 

In the midst of a lockdown in March 2020, I committed myself to helping people get back on track, to return to a life with a stronger more positive attitude at a time that required a new mindset to a "new normal". This is when I created my podcast; "Talking Respect" interviewing some of the most successful individuals who had overcome adversity and hardship; from Lawyers, Medical Practitioners, inspiring entrepreneurs and leading professionals from all over the world who inspire and share their most invaluable experiences, stories and insights. 

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